Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photoshoot Day

It's my first and only day at work!

I was hired to just sit and take some photographs for a project.

The guys at work trying to set up...
Sneaking around before the shoot

Then it's my time to shine!
Hey, it's a paid job!
I ain't no freeloader!

Off to dinner at nex@seragoon doggie style cafe, my treat!


  1. My hoomie Melissa says you kinda look a lot like me. You are a very pretty girl. How nice you got hired to do a photoshoot. I recently did a baby milk commercial for China. I got paid a lot for it. It was fun to do but it was very tiring at the same time. Hope you got lots of cookies after the shoot was done!

  2. Hi Amber! Thanks! I sure get alot of cookies during and after the shoot! Heh. :D