Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Mysterious Mass

I was having alot of gas in my tummy.
Mommy got worried and sent me to the vet.
The doctor suggested that I do an Ultrasound, which Mommy arrange for another appointment and did the ultrasound suggested by the doctor.
So we can find out what is wrong with my mucus stools and gas-y stomach.

The doctor found a 1cm mass in my intestine!
The doctor said that the 1cm mass is embedded in my small intestine and it has to be surgically removed. He was unsure himself too, he asked Mommy to book another appointment to seek higher opinion from the senior surgeon.
Mommy got so worried, we booked an appointment with
Dr Jean Paul Ly who is like a super duper good vet doctor in Singapore!

We waited for 1 month to see Dr Jean Paul Ly.
Dr Ly said that if it is a lump, we have to remove it. It might be cancer.
We listened to Dr Ly and booked me in for an op 2 weeks later.

I had to fast for 2 days on a liquid diet because my intestine has to be really clean before the op.
It was terrible! I was so hungry!

After the op, Dr Ly told my Mommy he couldn't find the lump!
The lump disappeared! My stomach got cut open for nothing!
Poor me. Why didn't they take another ultrasound before the op. :(
If they have done so, I wouldn't have to undergo such a dangerous operation!

It was very very painful!!! I could have died in vain!!!

After 8pm, visiting time was over, the vet nurse chased Mommy home.
I cried the whole night! :'(
I was locked up alone in a small glass box all alone!

After 2 days of suffering for nothing, the hospital pocketed $2019 and caused a huge hole in mommy's pocket, I am finally home!

Home sweet home.